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Responsible management of car wrecks in Turkey

05 October 11


The streets in Turkey, especially in rural areas, are often tarnished by piles of wrecked cars. In addition, many old cars are still on the road that – in our country –  would have been removed long before. This year, Turkey has developed new legislation that must ensure that, in 10 years, the country meets the stringent European health and safety requirements concerning End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV). The Netherlands has decided to support Turkey in its efforts.


In light of this, NL EVD International has invited Ameco to implement the project ‘Development of a Management System of End-of-Life Vehicles in Turkey’ (PSOM11/TR/2), which aims to design and realise a demonstration and training facility for improved ELV management and recycling in Turkey.


The project, with a budget of approx. 700,000 Euro, is funded through the PSO Environment (PSO-M) programme. This is a Dutch governmental programme that aims to target significant environmental improvements on a sustainable basis in amongst others Turkey.


The purpose of the project is to set-up a facility that fully cooperates with the Turkish government and industry, complies with relevant legislation relating to the monitoring of ELV recycling and is able to run as a profitable independent business without financial support from the government.

The project, due to start in November of this year and with an anticipated duration of 24 months, offers Ameco, and her partner SEDA Environmental, an excellent opportunity to further explore this interesting waste sector and to expand activities in Turkey.

For more information about the project, send an e-mail or fill out the contact form.





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