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Consistency check advices chimere viruses

15 September 14


One of the tasks of the Netherlands Commission on Genetic Modification (COGEM) is to advise the Dutch Government on which containment conditions should be met when working with chimere viruses. A chimere virus is a recombinant virus that consists of a combination of the genomes of two viruses and which may display biological properties characteristic for both parent viruses. 

The complexity of the requests for advice COGEM receives, has increased continuously during the last 10 years. Since many factors play a role in these complex considerations, there is a risk that inconsistencies in advice occur. Ameco is currently performing a consistency check to assess whether these advices have been consistent over the last 10 years. 

The results of this analysis and, in case necessary, the explanation for potential differences in advice, will help future applicants to gain insight in the risks related to their work and will give input for the national discussion on risks of working with GGOs. 

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