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End-of-Life Vehicles’ training facility in Turkey realized

02 October 14


Ameco is engaged with the development of a management system of ‘End-of-Life Vehicles’ (ELVs) in Turkey. One of its activities is the construction of a new demonstration and training facility in Istanbul. This activity has now been finalised; all construction works and hardware deliveries have been finalised. In the facility, employees of Turkish car dismantling companies are taught how they can dismantle car parts in a safe and environmentally sound manner, in full compliance with Turkish legislation. Turkey wishes to reach a recycling and recovery target of 95% in 2020, in line with European legislation. In order to reach this target, Turkish car dismantling companies are obliged to send at least one of their employees to the training facility in order to follow a two-day training course, consisting of both theoretical and practical elements. The training course covers all individual steps of the dismantling process and teaches employees how to comply with Turkish environmental law. The training also focuses on safety and health aspects. All training participants will receive an official recognized certificate.

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