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Support for solid waste management in Nairobi

1 January 17


Lacking appropriate solid waste management is a major public health and environmental concern in Kenya. Rapid population growth in combination with lacking waste management services are resulting in illegal dumping of waste in public places. Heaps of garbage are scattered all around the city.


Kenya’s solid waste management situation is largely characterized by low coverage of solid waste collection, pollution from uncontrolled dumping of waste, inefficient public services, unregulated and uncoordinated private sector and lack of key solid waste management infrastructure.


The Government of Kenya received financing from the World Bank to strengthen service delivery in the metropolitan region. Part of this loan will be used to address solid waste management issues in urban areas in the Nairobi Metropolitan Region (NMR). Ameco has been contracted to support the Kenyan government with improving the local waste management situation.


Ameco will provide expertise for the development of framework for the establishment of a solid waste management authority in selected counties within the NMR. The input can be categorised into four activity clusters:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the existing solid waste management situation;

  • Development of a detailed Action Plan for the establishment of the solid waste management authority;

  • Development and implementation of an awareness and sensitization campaign on solid waste management;

  • Development and implementation of a capacity building and performance monitoring program for the solid waste management authority.





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