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Tackling medical waste in Georgia

28 January 11


In the framework of the Dutch PSO-M programme, Ameco currently assists the Georgian Government in improving the medical waste situation in the country. The project provides for the transfer of knowledge as well as the procurement of specific hardware for the safe management of infectious medical waste coming from hospitals and healthcare institutes.

After an elaborate analysis of the local sector was made, including a detailed overview of the various methods available for managing and treating medical waste, the Georgian Ministries of Environment and Health have opted for ‘incineration’ as the preferred treatment method within the project.

The coming period will focus on identifying the most appropriate recipient via a tender procedure. This recipient, a Georgian organisation, will be responsible for the management of the hardware to be procured. After the pilot period, and after satisfactory performance, the recipient will become the owner of the equipment.

For a proper embedding of the equipment, and to further improve current medical waste practices in Georgia, the project team will also implement a number of practical trainings. These trainings will amongst others be focused on healthcare staff and waste handlers.

The Dutch project-team, led by Ameco, further comprises of the renowned University Medical Center Utrecht (Academic Hospital) and the ‘ZAVIN’, the largest medical waste treatment facility in The Netherlands.

Want to know more about the project? Download the project hand-out, send an e-mail or fill out the contact form.








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