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"Addressing water problems Stellenbosch"

01 March 13


South Africa experiences large water problems. The country faces on one hand the shortage of fresh water and on the other the challenge of providing (improved) drink water and sanitary provisions to millions of people living in informal settlements. Access to sufficient water of decent quality belongs to the highest priority of the South African government for the next 20 years. Ameco, in cooperation with the Stellenbosch Municipality and the Stellenbosch University, has recently submitted two project proposals to the Dutch government, aimed at improving the local water situation of the Plankenbrug River, which catchment area flows through the Stellenbosch Municipality.  The Plankenbrug River is heavily polluted as a result of its flow through informal settlements, agricultural areas and an industrial site. As a result of this, inhabitants of Stellenbosch Municipality, and the larger Western Cape, experience significant health problems.


The two project proposals are characterized by their demand-driven character and their innovative and integrated approach. The proposed activities will have a positive effect on access to drink water and sanitary provisions, and on the quality of the available water. In addition, Ameco will develop a River Basin Management Plan that might function as a benchmark for the whole of South Africa in the future. Both projects promote innovative Dutch water technology and an innovative (organisational) approach.

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