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Training of inspectors in Georgia successful


Waste policy in Georgia is still under development, while the country is facing large environmental problems due to illegal dumping of waste and unorganised dumpsites, still remaining from the Soviet era. Within this transitional phase, the Georgian environmental inspectorate has a difficult, but above all important role.  During the 4 days Ameco Experts..

Developments international timber market


The international timber market is currently facing many developments. In March 2013 the new European Timber Regulation (EUTR)  came into force. The EUTR aims to ensure that only legally produced timber enters the European market. The Regulation will have major impact, not only on European timber importers, but especially on small-scale.....  

Addressing water problems Stellenbosch


South Africa experiences large water problems. The country faces on one hand the shortage of fresh water and on the other the challenge of providing (improved) drink water and sanitary provisions to millions of people living in informal settlements. Access to sufficient water of decent quality belongs to the highest priority of the South African government for...

Workshops on recreation and education


In May & June 2012 Ameco and Stidit executed two workshops in the field of education and recreation in Fruska Gora National Park, Serbia. The two subjects were selected based on the results from a questionnaire distributed among all employees of the national park. The workshops were lead by two experts from Staatsbosbeheer & Natuurmonumenten.  Our Serbian partners...

GM study on pollen successfully implemented


Ameco was commissioned by the Netherlands Commission on Genetic Modification (COGEM) to conduct a study of bees, pollen and honey in collaboration with bees@wur..   Results indicate that the possible presence of pollen from genetically modified plants.....


Abu Dhabi governmental team visits The Netherland


The United Arab Emirates want to invest in attracting companies that operate on a safe, responsible, and sustainable basis. Recently, a group of specialists from ZonesCorp (Abu Dhabi) – responsible for the development of seven new industrial areas in the region – visited The Netherlands under coordination of Ameco.



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