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United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi governmental team visits The Netherlands

28 November 11


The United Arab Emirates want to invest in attracting companies that operate on a safe, responsible, and sustainable basis. Recently, a group of specialists from ZonesCorp (Abu Dhabi) – responsible for the development of seven new industrial areas in the region – visited The Netherlands under coordination of Ameco. During two weeks, several Dutch governmental bodies, agencies, companies and related organisations were visited, in order to learn from internationally best practices and actively share experiences in the development of sustainable industrial activities. The reason for coming to The Netherlands lies in the fact that our country is very much engaged in designing, creating and managing sustainable industrial areas. 

The visit has been labelled as very successful by both countries and in January 2012, simultaneously with the visit of the Dutch Royal Family, a return visit to Abu Dhabi will take place in order to discuss the continuation of the cooperation. 
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