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Sustainable Business Management, including Improved Water quality at Albena Tourism Resort

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs (EVD-PESP)
Date: 2007-2010
Country: Bulgaria
A feasibility study concerning the introduction of sustainable business management, including improved water quality in the Bulgarian tourism sector at the Black Sea coast.


Bulgaria: Enforcement of legislation, control measures and distribution of knowledge

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs (EVD)
Date: 2006-2009
Country: Bulgaria
Assisting the Government of Bulgaria in fulfilling their obligations in order to become a full member of the European Union. More in specific, assisting the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in the implementation and enforcement of Directive 2001/18/EC concerning the placing on the market of genetically modified organisms.


Development of capacity for Natura 2000 management plans

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality (BBI-MATRA)
Date: 2005-2009
Country: Bulgaria
The development of capacity in Bulgaria for the development of Natura 2000 management plans in line with EU requirements. Development of a manual providing guidance for future site managers.


Environmental and sustainable education at primary schools

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MATRA)
Date: 2004-2007
Country: Bulgaria
Development of a nationwide capacity-building programme to train primary school teachers on environmental education. This includes development of a national strategy, development of training packages for teacher training institutes, a pilot in schools in selected regions, as well as the development of a website and a resource centre.


Developing a National Biodiversity Monitoring Programme

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs (EVD)
Date: 2004-2005
Country: Bulgaria
Development of a biodiversity monitoring programme for the Executive Environmental Agency, in line with requirements of the EU Habitats and Birds Directives.


Demonstration of environmentally friendly printing techniques in the Bulgarian textile industry

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs (EVD)
Date: 2000-2002
Country: Bulgaria
Demonstration project on sustainable management approaches and environmentally friendly printing technology in the textile printing company “Osmi Mart”. Generation of substantial quality improvements, energy savings as well as environmental and health and safety improvements.


Introduction of energy efficiency at end-users in the district heating sector of Bulgaria

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs (EVD)
Date: 1999-2001
Country: Bulgaria
Assisting the Municipality of Pleven and the Pleven District Heating Company with demonstrating energy efficiency measures in apartment blocks and public buildings, developing a public information campaign, and setting-up credit schemes to assist clients of the Company to take similar energy efficiency measures.

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