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Supporting the development of a waste management authority in Nairobi, Kenya

Client: Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development

Date: 2017

Country: Kenya

The initiative aims at the establishment of a Solid Waste Management Authority (SWMA), to develop a framework for engagement with the private sector, to establish a tariff system, to develop policy for solid waste management in the selected counties and to contribute to institutional strengthening as a basis for private sector involvement.  Want to read more?  Click here



Municipal waste management in Kenya

Client: BINS, Nairobi
Date: 1997
Country: Kenya

Development of a waste management strategy and program for the Kenyan region of Kisumu.


Improvement of drinking water quality in Kenya

Client: WOTRO, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MRC- Nairobi
Date: 1989-1998
Country: Kenya

Study on the relations of high fluoride concentrations in drinking water in Kenya (Rift Valley) and the consequences for public health. Development of a programme of measures.


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