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Technology & Society

The impact of new technology in our lives is increasing daily as more and more innovative products reach our markets. How do these compare with traditional products? Do they represent a potential risk for our health or the environment? How can we develop policy to reflect all these changes? And how should society be informed? These are challenging questions for governments and interested and/or affected citizens, where rational choices often take precedence over emotions. 

Reacting to these questions in a responsible way is of the utmost importance. Citizens and interest groups can easily become concerned and suspicious of the stance adopted by government. Uncertainty regarding the long-term effects, and social and economic interests, can also play an important role.

Ameco can assist in this regard, by offering support in the form of sensible interpretations and pragmatic solutions between policy and practice. We also combine specific knowledge with a broader understanding when considering processes that focus on a sensitive issue and involve policy and society. Relevant examples include genetic modification, nanotechnology and the construction of UMTS masts.

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