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The protection of nature has been placed at top of the (inter)national agenda in terms of policy. Nature-related topics are often complex, which means that the need for approaches in which nature and the broader environment, economic and social development are simultaneously considered, are steadily growing in demand. European legislation, such as the Birds and Habitats Directives and the Water Framework Directive, requires governments to consider nature protection during the development and implementation of new policies.

Measures for the effective protection of nature include the strengthening of national and local government capacities and increasing opportunities for civil involvement. As a result, Ameco supports integrated approaches in projects where nature protection and policy development are key themes. In assisting governments during the development of legislation for the protection of nature and during the realisation of management plans voor protected areas and surrounding environment, we try to ensure that sufficient attention is given to the sustainable utilisation of natural resources and the economic and social development of the area in question.

Ameco has carried out various nature-related projects in The Netherlands and abroad, in which the following themes were addressed: Natura 2000, ecological rehabilitation, sustainable management of natural resources and sustainable forestry (High Conservation Value Forests).

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