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Participation and dialogue

Meetings between governmental officials, citizens and interest groups can sometimes lead to volatile situations in which emotions run high, different conversations take place simultaneously and reactions to arguments are not heard or worse, ignored. The outcomes can make for interesting reading in the local papers but seldom contribute to constructive decision-making, which is the main reason for organising such meetings. They represent an important part of the public participation process by giving citizens and organisations an opportunity to express their thoughts and ultimately influence government planning.


Ameco operates within this force-field by strengthening the capacity of local, regional and national governments to organise and execute public participation processes; and by strengthening the ability of NGOs to constructively lobby in reaction to these processes. In this way the entire process, from planning to decision-making, is considered. Ameco also offers assistance during the actual execution of public participation processes.

Besides working in The Netherlands, we are currently active in countries working towards compliance with EU legislation. Public participation plays an important role in this regard. We help to create spaces in these countries in which constructive public participation processes can take place and for which there is a good balance between society and the government.

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