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The saying ‘there’s money to be made in waste’ can frequently be heard, particularly in developed countries. And yet in countries where we operate, waste is associated with significant environmental problems for which initial investments often outweigh the returns.


Assisting governments and the private sector to address these challenges is one of the core activities offered by Ameco. Policy development and the result-orientated and institutional implementation of sustainable waste policies are key areas at both the national and regional level. Not only are the institutional components considered but the practical experience obtained during the development of small-scale projects as well, during which NGOs and citizens are involved and contribute to improvements in waste management.

In addition to policy development and implementation, Ameco also coordinates the implementation of waste management initiatives, such as the selection, construction and operation of landfill sites. The exchange of knowledge and introduction of innovative techniques and techniques that support sustainability play a key role in this regard.

Ameco is also involved in the realisation waste policy objectives in The Netherlands, reflected in the second national waste management plan (LAP2).

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