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Environmental and sustainable education at primary schools

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MATRA)
Date: 2004-2007
Country: Bulgaria
Development of a nationwide capacity-building programme to train primary school teachers on environmental education. This includes development of a national strategy, development of training packages for teacher training institutes, a pilot in schools in selected regions, as well as the development of a website and a resource centre.


Training on public consultation and participation

Client: Geoplan, and in-company on request
Date: 2004 (since)
Country: Netherlands, The
Practical two day trainings on various communication issues related to public consultation sessions (for example in environmental assessment procedures). Training provides theory and practice on how to approach and communicate respectfully as well as effectively with various representatives of 'the public'.


Establishment of an Academic Expert Center at the Technical University of Szczecin, Poland

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs
Date: 1995-1997
Country: Poland
Transfer of applied knowledge and expertise dealing with reduction of chemical substances in industrial wastewater, environmental toxicology, waste-treatment, reduction of (health) risks of industrial processes.

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