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Duurzaam ondermemen

Het stimuleren van sociale, economische of milieuvriendelijke initiatieven en ondernemerschap in landen in transitie en opkomende markten vormt een belangrijk werkterrein voor Ameco.

In opkomende markten ondersteunen we Nederlandse bedrijven die duurzaam willen ondernemen, bijvoorbeeld bij het introduceren van duurzame producten of diensten, zoals duurzaam toerisme, FSC certificering van hout, de marketing en distributie van zonnepanelen of het introduceren van milieuvriendelijke productietechnieken. Bij het uitvoeren van deze projecten leveren we expertise op het gebied van marktbewerking, certificering en intercultureel management. Daarnaast werken we met overheden aan maatregelen die de duurzame marktbewerking ondersteunen.


Introducing innovative Dutch technology for improved water infrastructure in South Africa

Client: Private company (Partners for Water)
Date: 2013 - 2015
Country: South Africa
Ameco will implement a pilot project to demonstrate and prove Dutch innovative technologies during the rehabilitation of an existing water basin and polishing pond that is located near the Stellenbosch University, while simultaneously promoting water conservation and integrated water management.   Want to read more?  Click here


Development of a Management System of End-of-Life Vehicles in Turkey

Client: NL EVD International
Date: 2012 - 2013
Country: Turkey
The purpose of the project is to set-up a facility that fully cooperates with the Turkish government and industry, complies with relevant legislation relating to the monitoring of ELV recycling and is able to run as a profitable independent business without financial support from the government.  
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Water quality improvement at landfill sites in Turkey

Client: Private company (Partners for Water)
Date: 2011-2012
Country: Turkey
The project is aimed at studying the technical and economical feasibility, as well as the market potential of sustainable leachate treatment and prevention systems for obsolete landfill sites in Turkey. After the feasibility and technical review, a preliminary design will be made for three distinct dump sites. This preliminary design will serve as a basis for discussions with local and national governmental institutes and agencies, and to market the approach after the start of the project.  
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Infectious Medical Waste Management in Georgia

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs (EVD PSO-M)
Date: 2010-2011
Country: Georgia
Separation of infectious waste streams – coming from hospitals and healthcare centres in Georgia – from other wastes and neutralisation of this hazardous stream. Assessing the generated waste streams, preparing a healthcare waste management plan, procurement and installation of waste treatment equipment, training of medical staff on safe and sound waste management.


Improved drinking water management in Mexico

Client: Private company (Partners for Water)
Date: 2009-2010
Country: Mexico
Development of a Dutch-Mexican partnership for the implementation of water projects in Mexico. Construction of a water basin for rainwater harvesting and demonstration of Dutch innovative sustainable lining technology; the development of a local water management plan; the development of a business plan for market introduction of the lining technology in Mexico.


Sustainable Business Management, including Improved Water quality at Albena Tourism Resort

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs (EVD-PESP)
Date: 2007-2010
Country: Bulgaria
A feasibility study concerning the introduction of sustainable business management, including improved water quality in the Bulgarian tourism sector at the Black Sea coast.


Sustainable and innovative clothing production in Macedonia

Client: Private company
Date: 2007-2009
Country: Macedonia
Improvement of the productivity of the Macedonian clothing factory by increasing the efficiency and introducing modern machinery, equipment and software. Improvement of labour conditions according to SA8000 standard.


Institutional strengthening of IŞKUR and improved employment strategy and vocational rehabilitation for disabled, Turkey

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs (EVD)
Date: 2007-2008
Country: Turkey
Assisting the Turkish Government with the implementation of European policy guidelines and practices related to equal chances on the labour market for disabled people.


Introducing the production of certified wood

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs (EVD)
Date: 2005-2006
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Strengthening the BiH wood sector for export, through the introduction of certification. Contribution to the sustainable management of the forest resources. FSC certification of two pilot forestry companies.


Building a market for Solar Telecom Services, Uganda

Client: Private company
Date: 2005
Country: Uganda
Development of a distribution structure for solar PV products to charge phones in rural areas where limited alternative forms of electricity are available.


Business advice

Client: Dutch entrepreneurs (through Foundation IntEnt)
Date: 2004 (since)
Country: Regional
Supporting and advising Dutch entrepreneurs who want to start up a business in their country of origin. Development of business plans, including financial plans.


Building a market for oil-yielding seeds, Tanzania

Client: Private company
Date: 2004
Country: Tanzania
Development of a business plan, project plan and subsidy application for a company involved in the production of biofuel from Jatropha seeds.


Production of EIA listed heat exchangers, Russia

Client: ABB LHT
Date: 2002
Country: Russia
Support to a machine producing company in Dzerzhinsk to produce an EIA listed heat exchanger under a license agreement with ABB LHT.


Providing Electricity to Rural Households through Solar PV, Tanzania

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs
Date: 2001
Country: Tanzania
Development of a market infrastructure for solar home systems in Tanzania. Establishment of the company “Umeme Jua” (together with Dutch and Tanzanian partners).


Introduction of sustainable Dutch technologies in Indonesian textile industry

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs (EVD)
Date: 2000-2004
Country: Indonesia
Demonstration of environmental management and waste water treatment technology and approaches in an Indonesian textile company.


Development of environmental services in cooperation with Bandu University.

Demonstration of environmentally friendly printing techniques in the Bulgarian textile industry

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs (EVD)
Date: 2000-2002
Country: Bulgaria
Demonstration project on sustainable management approaches and environmentally friendly printing technology in the textile printing company “Osmi Mart”. Generation of substantial quality improvements, energy savings as well as environmental and health and safety improvements.


Introduction of energy efficiency at end-users in the district heating sector of Bulgaria

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs (EVD)
Date: 1999-2001
Country: Bulgaria
Assisting the Municipality of Pleven and the Pleven District Heating Company with demonstrating energy efficiency measures in apartment blocks and public buildings, developing a public information campaign, and setting-up credit schemes to assist clients of the Company to take similar energy efficiency measures.


Improving the flax growing sector in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Client: Senter International
Date: 1998-2002
Country: Russia
Improving the flax growing sector in Nizhny Novgorod, by the introduction of ecologically sound production of flax including reproduction rights. Training during sowing, spraying and harvesting to ensure optimal transfer of knowledge and expertise on all aspects of (sustainable) flax production.

CO2 reduction at JSC Oil Company NORSI, in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


Client: Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs
Date: 1998
Country: Russia
Identification of possibilities for Dutch-Russian cooperation on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Preparation of terms of reference for a demonstration project with Norsi oil company on improving energy efficiency and reducing (and accounting) CO2 emissions.


Introduction of Environmental Management at Luxpol textile company, Poland

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs
Date: 1997-1999
Country: Poland
Realization of an Environmental Management System (EMS) at a textile company in Stargard (LUXPOL), introduction of environmental management as a part of general management and implementation of environmental technology demo-projects.


Energy saving in Tatar Industry, Russia

Client: Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs
Date: 1997-1998
Country: Russia
Appraisal of opportunities for energy saving and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Tatar industry and identification of business opportunities for Netherlands companies. Identification and preparation of a demonstration project on energy saving with the Kazan Combinat for Construction Materials.

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